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6 Ultimate Tips To Win Your Salary Negotiations

How To Win Your Next Salary Negotiation: 6 Tips To Get The Best Offer

Imagine you get an interview to a company that you’ve been wanting for years. All goes well, and suddenly comes the main question: what salary do you want? For most people, negotiating their salaries can sometimes present an awkward scenario. This scenario becomes all the more uncomfortable if the person in question is just starting off in his professional career and is inexperienced on ways to manoeuvre discussions surrounding finance.
Salary negotiations will always be a part of your professional career. So, in this article, we would be offering you tips on how to handle this tricky discussion, thereby ensuring that you are adequately remunerated for all the work you will be putting in.

Confidence in yourself and your capabilities is one of the most important tips during a salary negotiation.

What to take into consideration before and during a salary negotiation?

Do Extensive Research

It is important that you perform adequate research prior to heading to an interview, knowing that the issue of salary will probably come up. If you are seen as the right candidate for the job, then the next phase of the discussion would move to your salary requirements. Therefore, it is important that you come prepared. Some jobs present real challenges finding out their average salary figure. This is where online forums and groups can help out. You can also network with someone in the industry in which you’re interested in. They might be willing to help. Zutzu’s vacancies are published with specific locations and salaries, and even if you will have the opportunity to negotiate it later on, you will from the start know about how much you would earn. Meanwhile, in some cases, especially when the interview is conducted on phone, recruiters can ask off the cuff that you state your offer. If you have no idea what the salary scale looks like at that point in time, simply play for time. Ask that you get back to them. Issues surrounding salary are very important. So, it's important that you put your best foot forward.

Be Willing To Walk Away

Come to the negotiating table with an idea of what point you should walk away. Place a high premium on your skills and recruiters would do the same. Therefore, before heading for a salary negotiation, organize your thoughts. Have a deal-breaker salary figure in your head, an offer you cannot accept, the point at which you would be willing to walk away. Only accept a salary you can be comfortable with for, say, one year, before asking for a raise. Although this becomes a little difficult when desperation sets in and an applicant is ready to settle for less.

Be Confident

Most recruiters are quite good and experienced at what they do. They can see right through the job seeker's appearance and use this to their advantage. Your mood, confident or otherwise, can change the tide of your salary negotiation and affect how the negotiation turns out. Keep your head high and exude a positive and confident mien throughout your talks.

Ask Lots of Questions

You can start the negotiation by asking lots of questions. It would be a brilliant move if you ask to hear their offer first. By asking lots of questions, you're able to diagnose your employer's fears, motivations and priorities. It helps you decipher where you fit in the scheme of things. When you know this, you're able to make sound judgements.

Make Your Case

State your offer and be ready to back the reason or reasons behind your offer with evidence of what you're bringing to the table. You can talk numbers, accomplished projects, and lots more. Do not appear aggressive. Only be calm and confident while you make your case.

Look At The Future

At this point, you should be able to take a long view into the future. Do you envisage your responsibilities to grow? Would your present role allow for an opportunity to upgrade on your skills? What is the future of the company, and do your goals align? Put everything into perspective and do not consider the figures only. If you do clinch the job, this present salary negotiation would not be the end of discussions surrounding salaries and bonuses. There would always be periodic appraisals and performance review where you would get the chance to ask for a raise if you feel you're deserving of one.


Finally, salary negotiation is not at an easy process if you are just starting out in your career. The thing is, when you put these tips into practice, it can turn a win-win situation for both parties. Therefore, it is very important that you appear calm, objective and confident. Place a high premium on yourself and others would be forced to replicate the same. What are your experiences of salary negotiations and what tips could you share with the Zutzu Community?

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