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6 Things You Need To Know About Working Abroad In 2020

6 Things You Need To Know About Working Abroad In 2020

I work for a multinational company, the idea of people taking up offers from companies in a new country is not strange to me. In this article, I will discuss things you need to know about working abroad. We have designed this article to guide individuals who want to work abroad someday. In the below section, we will go through things many people who had one time or the other moved to a new country for job opportunities said about their experiences. First, before you decide on taking up a role abroad, make sure the attraction goes beyond the opportunities it present. Make sure you consider the sincerity and reputation of your employer. An organization or employer you wish to work with must give you an offer that will favor both parties.

Guidelines for working abroad

Help of the employer

It is good if the employer can offer you the support you need as you navigate the changes that come with the new environment, especially if you are relocating to a country where the language differs from yours. Some employers are willing to offer you with relocation support. There are many ways your new employer may offer to assist you. Although these benefits are not mandatory, you can negotiate the possibilities. It could be a housing support for a limited period or the shipment of your possessions from your current country to the new country. Zutzu connects job-seekers with some employers who are willing to support with work permit assistance, accommodation, transport, and travel expenses. During your interview, feel free to ask the employer if they provide these benefits.

Look beyond the job, consider your personal life

Before you take up the job, make sure you understand the company’s norms. Consider the work-life balance. All countries are not the same, do not generalize. Know about the vacation package - know the number of days you will get in a year. Do not assume you know. Ask your employer about it.

Understand the offer

Before you leave your current country to take up that new role abroad, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions attached to your employment and relocation. Talk to your employer about the role. Ask them about the duration of your job or assignment. The earlier you find out, the better.

Residence and work permits

If you are relocating to a new country for work, have in mind that each country has its peculiarities when it comes to the requirements and procedures that guide residency and work permits. As a citizen of an EU member state, you should be able to work in an EU state of your choice without any restrictions. Some EU states might still impose restrictions on certain sectors, so keep this in mind and do some research if needed.

Pick up a credit card before you leave your current country

You are going to a new country. Don't assume things will be as easy as it is in your current country. Before you jet off, make sure you approach an international company for a credit card. Waiting till you get to a new country before you get a credit is not an excellent move. The process involved can be complicated. When you have a credit card with you, you can easily transfer the card when you get there.

Opening a bank account in the new country

Opening a bank account in a new country can be difficult. Make sure you conduct necessary findings of what you need to set up a bank account upon your arrival and the standard of services of local banks.

Communication with your employer is of big importance when working abroad.


One of the biggest decisions any individual can ever make is moving to a new country. If you are interested in working abroad, carry out extensive research on your choice of country, job, and company. You can also talk to other individuals who have made the same move in the past. If you want to relocate abroad for jobs and you do not know where to start from, read our blog on how job boards can help you in your career. Zutzu is one of these job boards that connects individuals looking for job opportunities abroad to prospective employers in various countries at zero fees. When you sign up on the website, you will be only a step away from achieving your long-time dream of working abroad.

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